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Picture Dump

March 3rd, 2009 No comments

Christmas 2008 Pictures

February 20th, 2009 No comments

I’m continuing to work on my backlog of pictures and have uploaded the ones I took over my winter vacation in Tennessee: Christmas 2008 Pictures.

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LeConte Pictures

February 17th, 2009 No comments

After spending a lot of time playing with the new Faces and Places features in iPhoto recently, I finally got around to publishing some pictures tonight:

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December 3rd, 2008 No comments

Thinking about a new laptop after 5 years.

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New Niece

June 6th, 2008 No comments

Isabel Jean Walker, Born 2008/06/05

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I finally got around to uploading some pictures:

Busy Days

January 31st, 2008 No comments

Just checked the site and realized it’d been quite a while since I updated.
Anyway, we bought the house we were hoping to back in August and are slowly but surely getting things together and adjusting to homeownership. I’m continuing to be chronically lazy about getting pictures online, which was significantly exacerbated by the move. The new house has allowed me to setup a movie/game room separate from the main living room. I’ve also found that Abby’s aluminum christmas tree appears to improve the wifi distribution in our house. Taking it down will mean we’ll need to start using the wifi extender again.
This winter has been an impressively Minnesotan winter. Lots of below zero days. We’re going to need to improve the insulation situation in the house before the next one.
So, that’s several half thoughts. I expect it would have taken me even longer to update this site if I had more stringent requirements.

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Doing Okay

August 1st, 2007 No comments

Abby and I are okay and at home. Neither of us took 35W today.
Around 6:05pm cdt tonight the 35W bridge between University Ave and Washington Ave collapsed. CNN, strib. I don’t currently take 35W as part of my commute, but would have started sometime in September when we move into our house.
I found out while I was working out in my apartment’s exercise room. Scrubs had ended and I was flipping through the channels because I’d already seen last night’s Daily Show. I came across Fox News’ coverage of the collapse, then eventually switched to local news. I called Abby to make sure she was aware of what was going on. She’d gotten a call from her mother to make sure we were okay. I called my parents and brother and sister-in-law to let them know I was okay. None of them had heard about the collapse until I called but they were glad they heard from me first.

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Picture Catch-Up

August 29th, 2006 No comments

I finally got around to uploading a bunch of pictures:

Also, flickr just added the ability to tag your pictures by location. It’s really cool but a little unwieldy at the moment. It would be even cooler if you could use something like that new Sony GPS widget that can add GPS coordinates to your digital pictures.

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