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Minor Programming Update

I finally got around to modifying the gallery index scripts I use for this site tonight. They were minor modifications but they’d been bothering me for a while.
When I initially designed them the thumbnail image links went to the root level of each gallery. I thought that was a little strange since I was showing a specific thumbnail and then directing the user to the root gallery where they would then have to manually search through the images to find the image on whose thumbnail they clicked. That made sense at the time but in retrospect I decided it made more sense to go back to the original behavior and direct the user to the root gallery level. The thumbnail image is a much larger target for the user than the gallery title so I imagine users tended to click on a single image then back to the gallery level.
I also modified the navigation section on each page to change the links to simple numbers instead of “Page X”. This more closely matches the actual gallery pages and is more space efficient (now that the general Pictures area has seven pages).

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